Diddly-squat - a car dealer's most successful weekend of sales

When a car dealership’s offer is ‘no interest’ on all of their used cars, we decided to give them just that, nowt. We removed the ‘interesting’ things from their usual lifestyle TV spots – like cars, people and music. We removed the lifestyle photography and chatty headlines from the press ads too, and we even asked the VO to sound disinterested for radio—all whilst maintaining Benfield’s established brand look and feel. As the press ads were for a northern audience, we chucked some local slang in the mix for extra effect.

Did it work?

9 out of 10 dealerships exceeded sales targets, with over two thirds achieving 120% of their targets. One dealership got close to 300 per cent resulting in Benfield’s best ever weekend of sales. 

All because we did nowt.

We did diddly-squat around town

absolutely nowt on radio

And then spread the word