Internal video that changed how leaders think

Some leaders see real value in personal development whilst some don’t.¬†Our job as part of the Sage creative team was to help change the view of the reluctant leaders. So we invited some of the top brass to speak to us on leadership but added a couple of twists along the way.

By twists we mean ‘risks’ (on our part) as we didn’t have a clue how the leaders (or our bosses) would react. Apart from a small trusted team, we kept the whole idea under wraps (14,000 colleagues) for 3 months until it was unveiled.

Did it work?

It went down a storm hitting a record number of views and reactions for an internal video. The big wigs and PR team made it public (2.8k views), and leaders changed their thinking with many adopting our ‘risky approach’ to inspire their teams.

Watch it then ask yourself, “would you follow you?”

Would you follow you?