Using technology to help victims of abuse

Sage Foundation was invited to an ‘AI for Good’ summit to present an Artificial Intelligence Bot that would help victims of domestic abuse access support in secret via the Facebook Messenger app. The event was hosted by ITU and included heads of 35 UN agencies and heads of AI departments from organisations such as Google, Facebook and IBM.

South Africa, where the situation is at critical levels, was identified as the key location to launch the Bot.

What we did at Sage

Our job as part of the Sage creative team was to give the Bot a name, a look, identity and produce concepts for an online awareness campaign ahead of the Summit—with only two days’ notice! The name of the Bot couldn’t allude to help or domestic violence so as not to provoke suspicion with the abuser.

We came up with the name rAInbow, offering a ray of light for all victims, created an identity and awareness campaign that adhered to Sage brand guidelines.


Within 12 weeks of launch, rAInbow had 150,000 conversations with over 6,500 users. Engagement rate is higher than the industry average for bots. #IamrAINbow launch campaign won Gold PR Award at SABRE Africa Awards 2019. And users are finding the stories and signs of abuse the most useful.

The simple effective name and design incorporating AI

The rAInbow bot hidden within the Messenger app