How we helped Sage do more good

Sage Foundation is the charity arm for Sage—the world leading software supplier for small businesses. As part of the creative team at Sage, the initial ask was to document seven different charity days in six different countries as a corporate introduction into the Foundation’s programme. But we had a thought…

Instead of a corporate angle, let’s create one powerful film that inspires people to go out and volunteer by hearing from the non-profit and social partners, plus all the amazing Sage volunteers. So we tweaked the strategy, wrote a script to capture the blood, sweat, tears and joy of a Foundation day, the we sent a production company off on their jollies to shoot the footage before we cut it together.


The film launched Sage Foundation’s global campaign and was shown at Sage Summit events in seven different countries. Colleague volunteer days increased from 22,859 to 24,084 in 2018. The value of colleague volunteering was equivalent to over £2.8 million investment for communities worldwide.

It also appeared as longer 3.30 and shorter 60-sec versions.