Saving is for everyone – small things add up.

Task: raise awareness of the Sage Save and Share scheme to the orginastion’s 14,000 strong staff. Simple, eh. Well, we dug around and uncovered a few barriers. Most colleagues saw it as a scheme for higher earners with spare income. Others had apathy regards saving and couldn’t see a personal value to it.

So we thought…

Let’s appeal to the sceptics, low earners, young folk and new starters. Our aim was to reassure people that saving is for anyone – no matter their wage, age, or status. Using everyday examples, we asked our audience to question their spending habits and demonstrated that saving on the little things could lead to something bigger.

All in the delivery

Sage staff are swamped with heavy workloads and boring communications to join other schemes, so we created a series of soundless animations for the internal TV screens and subtly got the message across whilst people worked. Colleagues were directed to the Save and Share website for more info –

One less coffee?

It’s only avocado, though.

Takeaway or break away?

Epic movie or epic return?

Some posters (internal team doctored the copy)