Music inspired tourist ad for NewcastleGateshead Initiative

NewcastleGateshead Initiative markets NewcastleGateshead on a national and international stage. They asked us to refresh their old marketing campaign to attract 25-35 year olds to the region for a weekend break. We came up with The Tyne is Now (puns can work sometimes) campaign to position our twin city as the cultural hub it is.

We had a simple strategy for the centrepiece video—our home doesn’t need to be faked.

Working with Antonio at Everything Different, all we asked for was a cameraman (Lewis from Re-production) a few mates and our mates’ band, The Great Curve. After a bit of wrestling with the old guard about music and script, everyone eventually agreed that the track we picked (fought for) was perfect for driving the commercial and it really didn’t need a traditional VO. The rest is down to our beloved twin city.

Music ‘The Peril of it All’ by The Great Curve.