University of Sunderland—student welfare awareness

University of Sunderland was concerned about excessive partying and wanted students to know that support was available if they needed it. We’ve been there ourselves (many times), so we decided on a non-judgemental approach that asked students to question what was a “good time” versus “taking things too far”.

We wrote the campaign as if students were texting each and pushed a video message out on Snapchat and Instagram. Part of the ask was to encourage students to “buddy up” on night’s out or encourage someone in the group to stay sober – we managed to include those messages whilst keeping the main message credible.

Did it work?

Students began to use the uni support team, which they hadn’t been doing, and our campaign got a thumbs up without being preachy. We’ll drink to that.

Social video was posted on evenings via Instagram and Snapchat

Poster and beer mat campaign placed around the uni and local drinking haunts

And some written with a sober twist